Late Shri Basudev ji Gupta

A Resounding personality Mr.Basudev Gupta having come to Chennai in 1968, with a zeal to make a mark as an Industrialist, and a market leader in whatever opportunity that was presented to him. He started off his journey from the ground level, and was a man with humble beginnings.

He began dealing in the supply of blue metal to construction sites, during whichhe had supplied blue metal to major landmarks in Chennai. One of the most noteworthy projects is the Gemini Flyover, which is a global landmark for Chennai.Soon after, he started the business of collection of plastic scrap and transporting it to Delhi for recycling.

He then moved forward into the process of collecting recyclable plastics & processing it in their own facility in 1978. It was this process that helped him discover the business opportunity in Chennai. The business of collecting plastic and turning it to something more useful and viable. His son, and one of the pillars of what Envirotask is today Mr.Kamlesh Gupta joined this remarkable journey alongside in 1990. 

They took this as an opportunity to setup their own plant and started the entire recycling process here in Chennai in 1991, a process which had them dependant on North and West India. The founder believed in caring for the society around in as many ways as possible. This journey today has envisioned itself in Envirotask. One of the leaders and pioneers of converting commodity plastics into a more useful and raw form, while caring for the environment all the way.

The baton has now been passed to the third generation of the family, Mr.Dhiraj Gupta. His modernistic views coupled with the need for a more sustainable environment seems to pave the way for Envirotask in the right direction.


Started in 1991 under the name Shree Shyam Plastics, and further transforming to Shree Shyam Envirotask LLP, had a keen goal to constantly make the environment more waste efficient and plastic free. Their constant need to be more Industrially responsible has always kept them ahead of the race in Chennai.

Envirotask was envisioned to have strict and clear standards of following processes, which led them to attain the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification. Having people dedicated to ensuring that, the process is the key,

is what the third generation entrepreneur of Envirotask Mr.Dhiraj Gupta has taken on himself.

Envirotask has always striven to update themselves to the Global Standards when it comes to working towards a greener future through the Environmental Management System Certification “ISO14001:2015”. It is a continuous effort to demonstrate compliance with future statutory and regulatory requirements.

In choosing to do so their quest to not only make Industries responsible, but also partner with Industries to help them keep their environments clean and green.



To organise the unorganised scrap collection sector & make it a more organised sector with a respectable outlook. It’s most important for the large industries to pave the way forward, and its our objective to work with them & ensure the same. Following strict standards & procedures shows our passion towards the environment.


Our Vision is to pioneer and stand with the government agencies and engage in dialogue and help to structure all government policies of scrap and plastic waste management. We also envision continuing to stand among the most efficient and process-oriented plastic waste recyclers and eco-friendly organizations globally.


Kamlesh Gupta


Mr.Kamlesh Gupta is the second Generation Entrepreneur and also the bridge between the conventional business techniques and futuristic business changes for Envirotask. He is a man who not only accepts, but also looks forward as a visionary to new innovations and better technology which would go on to place Envirotask on the global map. His idea of sustainable ecology resonates in the efforts and output of Envirotask.

Dhiraj Gupta


Mr.Dhiraj Gupta is the Third and current generation Entrepreneur of Envirotask. He has always believed in developing the method by simplifying the way, in other words an Entrepreneur to make hallmark changes with the slightest of tweaks. He is an avid traveller and takes the best out of every journey. He believes in the importance of understanding the best practices of the industry and vision Envirotask one step ahead of it.