Cardboard Recycling: 4 Practical Tips To Save Mother Earth

Cardboard Recycling: 4 Practical Tips To Save Mother Earth

From small food spots to large scale businesses, cardboard products have become the best-chosen packaging option. Even though cardboards are budget-friendly and durable, they are easily recyclable.

In our present world, 24+ million tons of cardboard waste are cast off each year yet the good news is more than 90% of them are recycled.

Cardboard recycling is highly sustainable compared to slicing down trees for fresh paper. Hence, recycling is commonly recommended to educational institutions, product-based businesses and finally the consumers. Before getting to cardboard recycle ideas, let’s check out the types of cardboard available.

First comes the thick and long-lasting corrugated cardboard which contributes to making brown packing boxes. The other type is known as paperboards or chipboards that contain a single layer yet are stronger than a normal sheet of paper. Now, it’s time to move on to our core topic – how to recycle cardboard boxes.

Simple Steps To Recycle Paper And Cardboard

When you buy a bed and pillow or any home care products, you get them in cardboard boxes which you have to reuse. And cardboard recycling is the ideal way to do that.

1. Break down the dry boxes

Cut out the wet sections and spread the waste cardboard boxes to save space. After levelling and arranging them, dry the boxes as much as you can. After complete drying, the recycling service can effortlessly transport & put them in the cardboard recycling machine without any difficulty.

Have a separate recycle system & storage. Make sure to remove plastic tapes, polystyrene, glass particles or bubble wrap left inside or outside of the cardboard boxes.

Assign a dedicated place for the recycle system and store all the cardboard wastes collected at your place in the dedicated storage bin.

2. Drop off cardboard at the recycling centre

2. Drop off cardboard at the recycling centre

Check for the cardboard recycling plant near your home and see whether they can afford doorstep pickup. If not, drop off the storage bin at the local storage facility where they collect them in balers.

When you have a high quantity of cardboard boxes, you can go to a cardboard recycling plant. On the other hand, if you find cardboard at home, learn how to recycle them for the best use.

3. Utilize as compost or mulch

Shred the chemical-free corrugated cardboard boxes after soaking them enough and place them around the spot you prefer. To add aesthetics, you can toss it over organic mulch. Thus, you get to enjoy the best benefits of recycling and farming or gardening.

Instead of buying new paperboard stuff or cardboard boxes for your usage, try some cardboard recycling ideas and make use of old boxes innovatively to save time, space & money.

4. Turn cardboard into attractive crafts

4. Turn cardboard into attractive crafts

Crafting is an efficient way of using recyclable things. Make used cardboards to create fun crafts like a car, small house, rattles or even armours that can be great entertainment for your kids.

This way, you can bring out your child’s excellent creativity and recycle your old cardboard at home.

Bonus Tip: Use cardboard boxes for transport

Flatten your cardboard boxes and store them beforehand. While you are shifting to a new house or a new office, you can make use of those boxes and pack your things carefully to transport without a speck of damage. From clothing, shoes, to bedding products, cardboard boxes can help you donate to the needy with safety.

Cardboard Recycling – A Way to be Kind to Mother Earth

Cardboard Recycling – A Way to be Kind to Mother Earth

Cardboard recycling is inevitable to pave a pathway towards effective waste management. When you recycle the waste cardboard boxes, it not only does good to nature but also provides sustainability to our lifestyle.

The amount of natural resources and energy required to make new cardboard are nullified with a cardboard recycling plant concept. Use reliable products to save energy and protect our environment.

Envirotask is the first step towards protecting our environment. Get in touch with us if you need help with plastic recycling or industrial waste management.


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