Recycle Household Waste | Top 10 Things To Not Throw Away

Recycle Household Waste
Recycle Household Waste

Did you know – you can save a lot of money by recycling things you don’t even care to keep at home? Most of the household items are thrown away in bins after one use. It’s not wrong, yet you might not have known the common things that can be effortlessly recycled. Let’s just get deep into it!

In your space, you can find a lot of unused items lying in one corner or in the storage room. Many are recyclable while some are not. Those reusable things can become a substitute for those things you would have planned to buy.So, how to recycle household waste? Here are a few trivial things which when recycled may contribute to controlling inorganic waste landfills.

1. Old VCD/DVD/CDs


Even today, many homes have outdated media in the form of VHS tapes and CDs. To make good use of them, turn them into colourful crafts or wall hangings by drawing or painting on them in your creative styles.

2. Carry Bags/Plastic Bags

Carry Bags/Plastic Bags

Any kind of bags you have can be reused to carry newly purchased grocery items. Plastic bags can be used to cover your dustbins or cover any products put for storage. If you have more of them, give them away to the plastic/household waste recycling centre.

3.  Newspapers/Paper Scraps

Newspapers/Paper Scraps

Instead of piling newspapers, utilize them for packaging your belongings which you may think may not be used for some time. Paper scraps can be effectively made into decorative gift materials like greeting cards, doodles, and so on.

4. Cardboards/Bubble wrap/Foam

Cardboards can be used to store toys, stationery items and even books or clothing if you have space. If you want to keep fragile items safe, bubble-wrap and place them inside the cardboard boxes. For time being, you can flatten and keep them secure in lofts.

5. Water/Product Bottles

Thinner or thicker, plastic water and product bottles can be recycled and used as containers to store up threads, pens, coffee beans or spices. You can modify and use plastic bottles to grow indoor plants.

6. Glass Containers

waste glass for recycling

The best idea to make glass containers useful is to turn them into flower pots or showcase pieces as they are prone to breakage. You can also stock your items like makeup accessories, buttons, and keep them in someplace safe.

7. Old Tyres

If you are wondering how to dispose of household waste like tyres, it is better to convert them into quirky swings or recraft them to add to your home décor.

8. Batteries

Are household batteries recyclable? Both the single-use and rechargeable batteries can be reused. There exist many centres and institutions where you can recycle household batteries. Leave your used batteries to them and they take care of the rest.

9. Twisted ties/Ropes/Threads

When you have a thought to recycle household waste, some things become totally unimportant and one of which is the rope/tie. From arranging sheets, wires to grouping wastes, threads & ropes become inevitable. 

10. Old Clothing/Bedding

When you plan to recycle household waste, your clothing comes first. All your unfit clothing & minimally used or unused bedding products can be donated to institutions or ashrams for the people in need.

Recycle Household Waste for an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Recycle Household Waste for an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Recycling is a smart way of protecting our environment from hazardous wastes and polluting substances. Consider every day as an Earth day and follow recycling the waste to make the world a better place to survive.

Enviro task, one of the most socially responsible organizations, is constantly putting efforts to make our environment waste-efficient. Want to contribute to waste management? Get in touch with Envirotask!


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